STO Platforms

Top 5 STO Issuing Platforms

Security Token Offerings are the regulated version of token sales. Issuing an STO can be done through a plethora of different platforms. As this industry grows, more of these service providers will come to market. The following platforms are already gaining a lot of traction in quick succession.

5. Swarm Fund

Under the hood, Swarm Fund provides a security token marketplace to investors and companies alike. Their objective is to let clients invest cryptocurrency in real-world assets tokenized on a blockchain. Potential investment opportunities span real estate and private company equity, among others. This platform is attractive to companies looking to create security tokens. Swarm Fund strives to be compatible with every client’s needs and wishes. Their focus lies on digital asset creation and legislation.

4. Token IQ

Building real companies using cryptocurrency technology remains a worthwhile goal to pursue. Accessing public markets remains a bit of a hurdle in this regard. Current and future regulatory measures will play an integral role in this process. Token IQ wants to bring the benefit of a crypto market to the security assets industry. The company provides digital asset tokenization, legislative, and advisory services to its clients.

3. Polymath

Migrating securities to the blockchain will encompass a lengthy process. Polymath enables companies to combine programmable code with equity issuance. They also let companies raise funds in cryptocurrency without relying on middlemen. Its main services span tokenization of assets, accounting, marketing, legislation, and advisory services. Polymath also strives to provide access to 2 billion unbanked consumers around the globe.

2. Securitize

The vision of Securitize focuses on providing compliant digital securities issuance and liquidity on the blockchain. Their native platform supports tokenization of securities through smart contracts. All of the relevant information will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The flexible ecosystem is designed to cater to issues, exchanges, and investors alike. Securitize’s main services include tokenization of assets, marketing, legislation, and advisory.

1. TokenMarket

Security tokens offer many benefits to companies and investors. A bigger market can be targeted, as investors from all over the world can invest in STOs. TokenMarket provides equity crowdfunding, private placement, and existing cap table through their tokenization platform. Its other services span smart contract creation and integration KYC and AML solutions.

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